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cuts again, But get 

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A comfortable and stubble-free shave has never been easier.

A New Shaving Era: Bumps and Cuts Be Gone

Achieve a Clean, Stubble-Free Shave in Minutes

Expertly Crafted for Sensitive Skin Perfection

Easily Conquer Coarse and Curly Hair Challenges

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"Moonshave V2 version is exceptional. In the past, I couldn't use electric razors due to my coarse hair, but this one works wonders and keeps my head smooth and glossy. Additionally, I used to experience ingrown hairs while shaving my head, but now I haven't experienced them at all. Shaving has become a quick and effortless process with this shaver, and I would highly recommend it!"

Christopher C. ✔Verified Buyer



The SafeShave™ Blade system effortlessly glides over your skin quickly removing hairs.

Imagine the morning after ...

Imagine the morning after you’ve received your Moonshave V2, you shave your head 

just in 1 minute then start your amazing day! there are no cuts on your shiny head, just a smooth bright head that steals attention!

You make your way to work and see all of your colleagues and friends staring at you as if they’ve never seen a good-looking-ass bald guy. They can’t believe how shiny your head is.

like a mirror, they can see their reflection.

it doesn’t end here, they ask you “What’s the secret”?

Because you’re not the same guy as you were yesterday and they can’t believe their own eyes.

But you’re the only person who knows the secret! The MoonShave grooming kit V2!

Now it’s your choice to tell them about it or not, but most likely they will never believe you even if you tell them. 

Ok, But How is All of this Possible?!

MoonShave V2 (Your New Favourite Shaver!) uses LunaLift™ technology using rotary blades, you just need to shave each area ONE time, no more going over the same spot, again and again to make sure there are no leftovers. 

The second most important thing is that V2 doesn’t leave any ingrown hair, Thanks to the FlexEdge™ Blade system. 

The LunaLift™ Blade system ensures that the blades don’t get blunt and are built to last longer while maintaining the same quality as you’re using them for the first time.


Unlike standard razors, our unique blades will not result in razor bumps or cuts thanks to SafeShave™ technology


Designed with a blade that collects your cut hairs, so you can shave anywhere.

Shave with Confidence!

GalexyGrip™ built-in into the MoonShave V2 helps you to hold the shaver very easily while you’re shaving. The shaver will stick to your hand even if it’s wet.

With the GalexyGrip™ feature on our MoonShave V2 razor, we've designed an ergonomic handle that's easy to grip and control during shaving. 

By using a non-slip texture and a comfortable shape that fits snugly in your hand, we've reduced the risk of any mishaps, so you can focus on achieving a smooth, effortless shave everytime. 

LunaLift™ Blade system

Precision Clipper

Exfoliation Brush

Pre-Shave Massage

Ear & Nose Trimmer

Ultimate path TO a shiny head!

See it for yourself

Shave longer, Charge less with 2x bigger battery

Yes, you’ve read that right! We now use a bigger battery in our V2 version that increases battery lifetime from 45 mins to 90+ mins.

When you receive your new Moon Shave V2, your battery will be freshly charged and ready to go! With the new LED screen, you'll be able to track how much battery life you have remaining. No more half-shaves and emergency charges!


Truly an all-in-one solution for any person who shaves and enjoys nourishing their skin, regardless of hair or skin types. Not only designed to shave the head, the Flex Series creates an upgraded grooming experience for your entire body.

Wet, or Dry? Whatever suits you the Best, All is up to YOU.

MoonShave is completely waterproof, shave while in the shower and let the IPX7 take care of the rest, No NEED to worry about the device. 


Or maybe today is one of those days and you can’t be bothered to wet shave, well, that’s ok. Because Our unique blades collect all the hair from your head, no need to stay up and clean the mess, nobody likes cleaning. Do you? There are better ways to use your time.


We're all about making shaving easier and hassle-free, which is why we're offering the "Moon Shave 30-Day Shave Test" with our Moon Shave V2. Try out our shaver for 30 days and experience the smoothest, most comfortable shave of your life. If you're not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked. So why wait? Upgrade to the Moon Shave V2 and take the 30-Day Shave Test today!

IPX7 WATERPROOFING and Shower-Frienldy

Shave wet or dry. Works with or without shave cream & shave oil.


Safely groom your most sensitive areas, with no snags or pulling.


Designed to make shaving thick, coarse, and curly hair safe and easy.


Keep your grooming routine powered up with 90 minutes runtime and a 2-hour lightning-fast recharge.

Better than razors

Blades last 50+ shaves
Get over 50 incredibly smooth shaves with our long-lasting, ultra-durable blades that will revolutionize your shaving routine!
ability to shave dry

Weather you like to shave wet or dry, the Moon Shave V2 leaves you smooth and irritation free!

Moon Shave V2's blades have a suction feature that lifts the hairs when cutting and eliminates the risk of them growing back into the skin
easy to hold & use
Ergonomic design fits in the palm of your hand. Safe for shaky hands to use! and under shower thanks to GalaxyGrip™

Happy Daily Shavers

⚡ Full 1 year warranty for the V2 grooming kit


⚡ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Over the years I’ve tried many shaving products both online and in stores. Without a doubt this is the best particularly my head

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Steve H ~

Kit includes:

✔️ Moon Shave V2
✔️ Flexible 5-Head Blade
✔️ Precision Clipper (With Guards)
✔️ Exfoliation Brush
✔️ Rubber Scrubber
✔️ Ear & Nose Trimmer
✔️ Moon Shave V2 First Edition 7-head blade


Kit includes:

✔️ Flexible Blade System
✔️ Precision clipper
✔️ Exfoliation Brush
✔️ Pre-Shave Massage
✔️ Ear & Nose Trimmer
✔️ Moon Shave V2 First Edition 7-head blade
✔️ Moon Travel Case
✔️ Moon Charging Dock



Kit includes:

✔️ Flexible Blade System
✔️ Precision clipper
✔️ Exfoliation Brush
✔️ Pre-Shave Massage
✔️ Ear & Nose Trimmer
✔️ Moon Shave V2 First Edition 7-head blade
✔️ Moon Travel Case
✔️ Moon Charging Dock
✔️ 3x 5-Head Blades



Don't Take Our Words for it. 

I was turned to this by a buddy of mine and the first time I used it it was an awesome machine and cuts very close either wet or dry.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Elbert Huel ~

"The best electric razor ever. I've never been able to use them due to how coarse my hair is, but this FlexSeries works great and keeps my dome smooth and shiny! Plus, I used to get ingrown hairs shaving my head, and now I don't get them at all anymore. I love how easy and fast it is to shave now, I highly recommend this razor!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Christopher C ~

I've been using this head shaver for the last few months and i really like it. The battery last long, its waterproof (no issues using in the shower like other shavers i've used), I don't get bumps or nicks, and it gives a good clean shave.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steve H ~

Very easy to use and contours great when shaving my head. Gives a nice close shave. Love it!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sam J ~

This thing is awesome very easy to use and a close shave couldn’t be happier with this purchase!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joan Doyle ~

Very good and shaves Very close and and no bumps after shaving, I used on my head and face, I'm completely satisfied

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Alvin Smith ~


How often do I have to replace the blade?

For the best performance and hygiene, we recommend replacing your blade after 50 shaves.

Replace damaged shaving heads immediately. Replacement blades are available.

Can this be used for my face or other areas?

Yes! The V2 is loved by many for its ability to safely and smoothly shave the head, however, it is also most commonly used for shaving the face, body, as well as sensitive areas. It's a one-stop shop!

Can woman use this too?

Yes! Ladies, whether you are sporting the bald look, or would like an easier way to shave your legs, under arms, or bikini area, the V2 works just as well for you.

How long does the battery last?

You can expect roughly 90+ minutes of cordless use, or about 20-30 shaves from a full charge.

What is the benefit of electric & rotary shaving?

You don't have to compromise. Get both closeness and skin comfort, while being easy to use and reach difficult areas. Complete your shave with fewer passes and less pressure, resulting in close shaves with no irritation.

How short must my hair be to use this?

Our product is an all in one solution. The five-blade head is best used to maintain a bald shave. Everyone is different, however, if your hair is longer than 1 week of stubble, we recommend trimming with the clipper before using the five-blade head.

Can I use shaving creams? Which is best?

Yes! Many people prefer wet shaving with creams and oils, or even in the shower. We have specially formulated products to complement the V2 Kit and give the best results.

What is the delivery time to UK?

Due to strikes and high demand we are currently offering 6-8 day delivery time to the UK